WhatsApp features: 5 features on the chat app you may have missed

WhatsApp features: 5 features on the chat app you may have missed

WhatsApp has been introducing new features every other month in 2019 and sometimes it gets hard to keep track of it. The Facebook-owned company has expanded the features of it platform and it is now one top messaging apps in the world. The chat platform keeps adding multiple features for its Android and iOS users. In the last few months, WhatsApp has rolled out some important features for its Android user and chances are that you might have missed some of them. Here’s a quick list to refresh your memory.

Save Profile picture: WhatsApp has removed the possibility of someone copying, saving and exporting the profile picture of other users. WhatsApp has removed the feature in the latest Android beta update. Earlier, WhatsApp allowed users to share the profile pictures of users. All you had to do was click on the profile picture and share the picture using the share button which appeared on the top right-hand corner. Meanwhile, the feature has not been removed from the WhatsApp groups. It is still available for groups, where you can save group icons.

Forwarding info & Frequently forwarded: WhatsApp has introduced two new features called “Forwarding Info” and “Frequently Forwarded”. One adds an additional ‘frequently forwarded’ label, while the other lets users check the number of times their messages have been forwarded.

Group invitation: The new ‘Group Invitation’ feature has come as a big relief, especially for those who were annoyed by getting randomly added to the WhatsApp groups. The new privacy setting lets the users choose as to who can add them to the group chats. The WhatsApp users can enable the privacy setting by going to Account, Privacy and Group.

Consecutive voice messages: The new feature will allow the users of the Facebook-owned platform to listen to voice messages one after the other, automatically. Until now, the feature was available only on the iOS version of the WhatsApp. The new functionality allows users to continuously play voice messages. After the end of the first voice message, WhatsApp will notify the user with a sound. Immediately after the sound, it will play the next voice message. In between, the user doesn’t have to take any action. WhatsApp will also play short audio at the end of the voice message if there are no other voice messages to play.

WhatsApp group call: WhatsApp introduced a new ‘Group Call’ button within the group chats. This will allow you to immediately make group calls by adding the participants all at once from a slide-out tray containing the contact cards of all members in a group. Just tap on the names of people you want to participate in your group voice or video call.