UPSC: 5 Young IAS officers, who have passed UPSC Civil Services Examination in 22 years


UPSC IAS: Students work hard to win UPSC Civil Services Examination. Despite hard work, many people feel helpless. But there are many candidates who are already surprised by their talent by getting good rank in the endeavor. There are three stages every year by the UPSC – in this preliminary, main and interview, this examination involves millions of candidates. With this examination officers are selected for other services including Indian Administrative Service (IAS), Indian Foreign Service (IFS) and Indian Police Service (IPS). For many years, young people of the country are busy preparing for this examination. His dream is to get the job of IAS, IFS and IPS. Here we talk about the 5 IAS officers who have passed this exam in just 21-22 years.

Ansar Sheikh – The youngest IAS officer of the year, the record of becoming the IAS at the youngest
Ansar Shaikh, who passed the UPSC examination in 2015, became the IAS officer at the youngest age of the country. When he passed the UPSC examination, the age was only 21 years. Ansar achieved the rank of 361th. At present, he is an OSD in the MSME and Textile Department in West Bengal Government. Anshar, son of auto rickshaw driver, belongs to Shegaon in Jalna district in Maharashtra, which is a drought-affected area. Ansar’s father has three wives and he is the son from the second wife. Their two sisters were married in a very early age of 14 and 15 years. The father used to torture his mother many times. After studying in Jalna district school, Ansar went to study at Fergusson College, Pune. He graduated with 73 percent marks in Political Science. On the subject of Political Science, he cracked the UPSC and achieved the rank of 361 and became the youngest IAS officer of the country till date. He explains, My brother works in the garage, without his help it would be impossible to achieve this achievement. ‘ Because of being a Muslim, he had a lot of trouble finding PG in Pune. To get them home they had to give their name ‘Shubham’. Ansar explains that he used to study for 13 hours a day. Ansar was one of the 34 Muslim youth who were declared successful in 2015 UPSC Civil Services Examination. 

Cracked UPSC at the age of 21, meet the youngest IAS officer

When Roman Saini
Romain Saini won 18th rank in the 2013 UPSC examination, her age was only 22 years. Before Sheikh, his record of becoming the youngest IAS was his name. He became a collector in Madhya Pradesh. Although he resigned in 2015, started an education technology company. 

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Swati Meena Nayak 
, the resident of Sikar, Rajasthan, passed the UPSC examination in 2007 and at the age of 22, she made an IAS officer. He achieved the 260th rank. He is currently working in the Madhya Pradesh State Cooperative Marketing Federation. 

Amrutaesh, a resident of 
Aurangabad, Pune, passed the Civil Services Examination in 2011 at the age of 22. He surprised everyone by getting 10th rank. He is currently working in the Regional Commissioner of Municipalipities, Vadodara. 

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Ankur Garg
passed the examination at the age of 22 in Ankur Garg  Civil Service Examination 2002. Ankur is a Graduate from IIT Delhi. He is doing a two-year master’s course from prestigious Harvard University.