Bad news for Apple as upcoming iPhone 11 upgrades leak

The iPhone 11 may be a bigger upgrade than imagined. (Photo: CultofMac)

The iPhone 11 may be a bigger upgrade than imagined. (Photo: CultofMac)

With the iPhone 11 event fast approaching, practically everything about Apple’s upcoming flagship has leaked. We know that the camera will get an enhanced night mode, the square camera bump is a near certainty and the launch date has been leaked as well. However, Apple did have a few surprises up its sleeve. Until now, that is.

EverythingApplePro’s Filip Koroy and XDA-developer’s Max Weinbach have revealed that Apple will be making some massive design, camera, Face ID and storage upgrades that haven’t yet been leaked. These surprising upgrades have the potential to turn the tide around for the iPhone 11 lineup that has been ridiculed for its weird design and even stranger branding.

As far as design of the iPhone 11 Pro goes, Weinbach claims that Apple will launch the upcoming iPhone 11 range with a new matte finish which will be substantially different from previous generations. There will also be a new rainbow shimmer on the Apple logo on the iPhone’s rear. The ‘iPhone’ branding that’s situated at the bottom of the rear is expected to disappear as well. This will be a major design alteration since the iPhone was first introduced 12-years ago.

Apple will now introduce machine learning into the image capture of the iPhone 11’s camera with the use of a smart feature called “Siri Intelligence.” Previously, Huawei has also used AI for its cameras with great success; so, it is a no-brainer that Apple will use it as well to get one-up over the competition. Adding to this leak, Koroy states that Apple will now make use of all three cameras for capturing portrait mode data and 4K 30fps recording will be available on the new 120-degree wide-angle camera; which will be an iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max exclusive. The microphones will also be improved for better stereo video recording.

In what may come as the best news to Apple fans, the company will launch the base variant of the iPhone with 128GB storage; which is double of what was found in last year’s model. The range will comprise of 128GB, 256GB and 512GB.

As far as Face ID goes, it will be getting a major upgrade and there will be a big performance for its third generation of with speeds being on par with the second and final generation of Touch ID. Apart from providing users with a massive speed increase, it is also a practical improvement as well given how many times a user unlocks their iPhones in a day.

Other notable features include anti-aliasing in the corners of the iPhone 11 lineup including the successor to the iPhone XR. Interestingly, Apple was also testing an iPhone without the mute switch; but this idea was shunned.